AQT - Screening for Dementia

Reliability & Validity

A Quick Test of Cognitive Speed: A Measure of Cognitive Speed in Dementia With Lewy Bodies.
  Maria Anderson, Elisabeth H Wiig, Lennart Minthon, Elisabet Londos
  Am J Alzheimer’s Dis Other Demen. 2007 22 (4):313-8
Clinical Utility Of Color-Form Naming in Alzheimer’s Disease: Preliminary Evidence.
  Niels Peter Nielsen, Elisabeth H Wiig, Siegbert Warkentin, Lennart Minthon
  Percept Mot Skills. 2004 99 (3 2):1201-4

Specificity, Sensitivity & Discrimination

Encountering Alzheimer’s: The urgent need for early identification?
  Elisabeth H Wiig
  InSights Mag Harcourt Assessm - San Antonio. 2004 Fall:18-22.
The AQT as Useful Short Screening Test for Dementia: Evidence from Two European Cultures.
  Siegbert Warkentin, Eleni Tsantali, G Kiosseoglou, Lennart Minthon, Elisabeth H Wiig,
  Niels Peter Nielsen, Elisabeth Londos, M Tsolaki
  AAIC Prev of Demen Conf. 2005
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