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In Insurance

New Developments in Cognitive Testing.
  James M Jacobson, Elisabeth H Wiig
  Long-Term Care News. 2005 15 September:10-4

Language Dominance

Dual-Dimension Naming Speed and Language Dominance Ratings by Bilingual Hispanic Adults.
  Henriette W Langdon, Elisabeth H Wiig, Niels Peter Nielsen
  Bilingual Res Journ. 2005 29 (2):269-86.

Monitoring Cognitive Adequacy
(to be added)


Celf-4 RAN Psycho-Educational Applications

Nominación Rápida y Automática en Niños Hispanohablantes Bilingües y Monolingües (Rapid,
automatized color-form naming by Spanish speaking, bilingual and monolingual children).
  Elisabeth H Wiig, Henriette Langdon, Nancy Flores
  Re. Logop. Fon. Aud. 2001 21 (3):106-17
A Clinical Rationale for Assessing Rapid Automatized Naming in Children with Language
  Elisabeth H Wiig, Patricia Zureich, Hei-Ning Helen Chan
  J Learn Disab, 2000 33 (4):359-74
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