AQT - Normative Language Studies

Germanic Languages

A Quick Test of Cognitive Speed: Patterns of Age Groups 15 to 95 Years.
  Elisabeth H Wiig, Niels Peter Nielsen, James M Jacobson
  Percept Mot Skills. 2007 Jun;104 (3 Pt 2):1067-75
Clinical Utility Of Color-Form Naming in Alzheimer’s Disease: Preliminary Evidence.
  Niels Peter Nielsen, Elisabeth H Wiig, Siegbert Warkentin, Lennart Minthon
  Percept Mot Skills. 2004 99 (3 2):1201-4

Latin Languages

Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment. Adaptation of Alzheimer’s Quick Test to the Spanish Population.
  Olga Bruna, Miguel Puyuelo, N Cullelli, A Dergham, C Nieves, Elisabeth H Wiig
  Int Neur Soc, 2007

Other Languages

Alzheimer's Quick Test Screening Criteria for West African Speakers of Krio
  Niels Peter Nielsen, Elisabeth H Wiig, Marie Barnett
  Age & Ageing, 2006, 35:503-507
AQT (A Quick Test of Cognitive Speed): Cross-Cultural/Cross-Linguistic Performance Criteria
  Elisabeth H Wiig
  White Paper RANdiagnostics. 2006 12 July
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